Instrukcja instalacji

1 Free sample file
2 Installation of speed camera data


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1 Free sample file

    The free sample file for Europe allows you to test if POIs can be installed on your navigation device.
    Install sample file according to this installation guide.
    The sample file has data from 2014. It does not cover all speed cameras. Do not use it for a safe trip!

    Download sample file

    Try before purchase. Refund excluded after download started of full database.


2 Installation of speed camera data

  1. Go to our productpage for iGO OEM products.
    We offer only data of fixed speed cameras.

  2. Save file to your hard disc.

  3. Unpack zip file.
    Unpacking on a Windows computer: right click on the zip file > Extract all...
    Unpacking on a Mac Computer: double click on the zip file.

    You'll get 3 files:

  4. Connect your SD card with software iGO to the computer.
    Connect your device based on iGO to the computer with an USB cable.

  5. Open Windows Explorer (or Mac: Finder).
    Search for directory ".../CONTENT/speedcam" on SD card or device.

  6. Delete all files inside of folder speedcam.
    The folder speedcam must be empty.

  7. Copy and paste the 3 unzipped files into folder speedcam.
    Pay attention to file sizes. No file has file size of 0 KB.

  8. Disconnect SD card from the computer. Insert SD card into the device.
    Disconnect the device from the computer.

  9. Start navigation on the device.
    The boot process may now take a little longer, as the speed camera data is imported into the software.

  10. Go outside with the device.
    iGO software requires real GPS fix to display speed camera menu in settings.

  11. Check all preferences in the device to enabling speed camera alerts.
    e.g. Settings > Alerts.
    Note: The wording of that menu can be different. It depends on installed version of iGO software.

    See the menu of Clarion NX405E:

    Important note:
    The iGO software manages all acoustic and visual alerts. We have no influence on acoustic or visual alerts. Our database is just a POI file.
    In most devices you have to choose a TTS speech for acoustic alerts. TTS speeches tells you street names and other notifications.

  12. Search for speed cameras in the map of your device. Take a real test drive.
    (It does not work if you just simulate a route.)

    That example shows an alert with a XZENT F-220 device.

  13. If you get no alerts or if you don't see the menu for enabling alerts:

    Please check file sizes in folder speedcam.
    Is there any file with file size of 0 KB?
    If yes: Copy and paste downloaded files again. And check files sizes after restart again.
    We regret to inform you that we have no solution in cases iGO software changes permanent the file size to 0 KB.