Instrukcja instalacji

Tłumaczenie na język polski trwa. Jeśli chcesz nam pomóc, prześlij nam tłumaczenia albo zrzuty ekranu. Podziekujemy Ci za pomoc z darmową 1 roczną aktywacją Twojego konta na

  1. Push Download button and save the file SpeedcamUpdates.spb to your hard disk.

  2. Switch on your BLAUPUNKT device and connect it with the computer. It appears as a flash drive into your computer.

  3. Go to directory ".../content/speedcam" and delete all files into the speedcam directory. Copy and paste the file SpeedcamUpdates.spb into the speedcam directory.

  4. Disconnect your BLAUPUNKT device from the computer and reboot it (use RESET key). Start also the navigation software. Warning datas will be loaded.

  5. Go outside with your BLAUPUNKT device, switch it on and get real GPS fix. Finally you are able to activate the speed camera alerts (only with real GPS fix).

  6. Important note: In most devices you have to choose a TTS speech for acoustic alerts.

  7. Next database update: Repeat all steps of this installation guide.